That Was My Jam!: “You Been Played,” Smooth

09 Nov

Every Friday I will post some old school videos that I love. There’ll be some hip hop (of course), some r & b, some rock and whatever else I come up with. My goal with this is basically to make you say “Hell naw, I ain’t thought about that song in a minute!”

My first entry for this is Smooth’s “You Been Played.” This song is from the “Menace II Society” soundtrack, which has a lot of random good stuff on it from Pete Rock and CL Smooth, UGK, Hi-Five ( I said random, right?), BDP, MC Eiht…a bunch of folks. Oh and that slow jam, “Top of the World.” I was crushing on some stupid little boy at the time and I played that song so much, I was burning out the batteries on my Walkman at a ridiculous rate.

Anywho, what I love about Smooth is that she was a total trendsetter. Folks do the low-rise jeans with thongs now, but she was rockin’ the leotard with the low-rise jeans. Such foresight!

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