Latasha Norman Found Dead

30 Nov

Unfortunately, Latasha Norman’s body has been found. Norman’s ex-boyfriend, Stanley Cole led police to the body and he has been charged with murder. My prayers go out to Latasha Norman’s friends and family. Domestic violence is a very serious issue.  I urge all women to be vigilant about not expecting, accepting or tolerating any kind of violence and I urge all men to be just as vigilant about respecting women and not resorting to violence.   Even “just a push” is not okay.  I cringe when I hear teenage girls giggle about how cute it is when their boyfriend gets jealous and grabs them. No. That is not cute and it’s not okay. There’s no such thing as loving someone so much that you have to hit him/her. Love is not expressed that way.

If you find yourself in a violent or volatile relationship, confide in someone you trust to help you break away. It can be difficult to let go of someone who you’ve come to truly care about, but your life and your well-being are much more important than continuing a bond with a destructive person. You can and will meet someone who respects you and treats you well. Just work on you first.

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