Girlfriends Might Beat Cosby

12 Dec

If “Girlfriends” gets one more season, it will beat out “The Cosby Show” for having the most episodes produced for a black sitcom. Yay for Mara Brock Akil! She’s dope. I watch “Girlfriends” pretty regularly and it’s always entertaining. I must say I do miss Jill Marie Jones’ character. The show is definitely not as good without her.

I would love to see a  “Girlfriends”-like show on HBO that would have the room to get a tad bit racier and touch on more issues. There really are just not enough shows about black women. “Sex and the City” was a great show and I will be going to see the movie (despite the spoilers on numerous blogs). I’m not saying I want a “black” SATC, but I do want a show that is that funny, witty, endearing and envelope-pushing, starring young(ish) black women. “Girlfriends” is almost there, but not quite.

The writing for the show is actually pretty good and the banter between Joan and her friends strikes me as very authentic. I know these characters and I would love to see them  get even more “real” with a tad bit more drama and little less comedy. I realize it’s a sitcom and comedy is quite necessary, but I think the balance gets a little skewed at times.

All that said, it’s a good, entertaining show and you should check it out sometime.


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2 responses to “Girlfriends Might Beat Cosby

  1. lilkemet

    January 6, 2008 at 11:47 am

    I like watching The Cosby Show and Girlfriends they are both two great shows but I feel Girlfriends has gone downhill since Tony (Jill Marie Scott) Left and Cosby is a classic.

  2. JedMeister

    July 23, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    i love this show! too bad it got cancelled… can they at least have a proper finale?


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