Steroid Booty

14 Dec

I don’t give a poop about baseball. I think it’s a super boring sport and I only watch it by default when my husband has control of the remote. All that said, you can’t help but notice when over 80 professional baseball players are name checked in a scathing report on steroid use. Even I know names like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Paul Lo Duca. This is some major sh*t! It’s really sad for kids who look up to these guys.

It’s sad for me too. The one cool thing  about watching baseball is that baseball players have these fabulous, perfect behinds that no other type of professional male athlete has. It’s a nice balance of muscle, bounce and firmness. I always thought it was because of some particular motion or particular training exercise that baseball players do, but according to this report, a lot of the players were injecting steroids into their butts! Does this mean I like steroid booty?  Forget about all that stuff about which video vixen’s butt is real. I want to know which baseball players have steroid-free booties.

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