Good Morning, Sunshine

10 Jan

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

~William Carlos Williams, This Is Just To Say~

A professor has done research indicating that music in the workplace can increase productivity…unless you’re listening to “Fight the Power” or something like that. I think Chuck D would say something about how the professor is damn right there won’t be no “Fight the Power” while you’re making somebody else a dollar. That’s revolutionary music and revolutionaries don’t punch in. Doesn’t that sound like a Chuck D response? If you’re reading this, Chuck D, let me know if that sounds like you.

MTV takes it to the streets to find out what will inspire young people to get out and vote.

When’s the last time you read about what’s going on in the Congo? This kind of stuff can be hard to read and it seems so far away, but it’s worth knowing what goes on in the world.
~New York Times~

This season, the wonderful folks at Vibe are recapping every episode of the greatest show on television, The Wire. If you missed Sunday’s show, check out what happened.

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