Maternity Leave for Teen Moms

10 Jan

teen mom

Should teenage moms in high school be given maternity leave? Pregnant students in one Denver high school think so. Please click here to read the entire article on this interesting subject. The girls and their supporters contend that bonding with their babies and allowing their bodies to heal are valid medical reasons for allowing maternity leave from school. Those who don’t agree say that allowing the girls time off from school would essentially be encouraging teen pregnancy.

Personally, I think bonding with the child is critically important and regardless of the circumstances of the baby’s birth, bonding needs to occur. Surely something can be worked out for doing work from home for a week or two and then going to school for half days for another week and eventually full on school days. I think that’s quite reasonable and I don’t think it encourages teen pregnancy either. There are schools specifically designed for teen moms, but those schools can’t necessarily accomodate every new mom.

Some say that the time off from school would increase the chance that the new moms would not to go back to school, but I think forcing them to come back to school immediately upon release from the hospital is more likely to make a young girl drop out just from the stress of the situation.

What do you think?


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2 responses to “Maternity Leave for Teen Moms

  1. narmer

    January 10, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Sure they deserve the 20/25 days of Family leave. The Maternity part is over. Those people think it is still the pioneer days, where a woman, stops, squats and drops a child to the ground, wraps it up and then continues with her chores.
    I say any Woman who gives birth, need the family leave just to bond with the baby.

  2. flo

    January 12, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    I don’t belive it’s encouraging kids to have sex when they are around girls that are pregant
    I was a teen mom almost 32 years ago I was asked to leave school for the same reason.
    most of the kids that have sex at a young age are abused and looking for love or don’t know that it’s wrong to have sex under the age of 18
    in my case I was sexualy abused
    I didn’t know where babies came from
    I kept my baby and raised her
    she is now 32 years old and doing something with her life and she has kids of her own
    so yes I agree that young mothers need to have medical leave to bond with the baby and to let her body heal
    but I disagree asking the mothers to drop out of school because they are pregant


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