Yoga for the Homeless

24 Jan

This New York Times article talks about the growing number of yoga instructors who teach the ancient practice to the homeless, youth offenders, prisoners and other folks who are less likely to have a couple hundred bucks a month to be taught the downward dog. It sounds a little silly on its face. It’s like “Umm, forget about the lotus position, give me a house/stable home environment/competent attorney.” But I think it’s a great idea. I’ve been doing yoga for about nine years and it really is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Practicing yoga (with the right instructor) really puts you in tune with your body and shows you how to find your inner peace. It tones you, it makes you more limber, it shows you how to take a step back and reach a quiet place…what’s not to love? People who regularly practice yoga are generally calm, introspective people. Wouldn’t you love to encounter more people like that in your everyday life?

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