That’s Not Exactly Family Friendly

17 Feb

The hubby and I were flipping through the channels last night (such a terrible, bonehead habit) and I stumbled upon the movie “Heathers.” If you’re not familiar with it, “Heathers” is a teen movie from the late 80’s that has become something of a cult classic. Winona Ryder, Christan Slater and Shannon Doherty all have starring roles in this dark comedy about teen angst, “mean girls,” sex and other high school age issues.

I was kind of glad to see “Heathers” was on tv, but then I noticed that it was on ABC’s Family Channel. Really ABC? “Heathers” is cool and all, but it is definitely not something for the whole family to sit around and watch. Now, it was kinda late at night, but still. I don’t think it’s ever appropriate for something called ABC Family Channel to show “Heathers.” How does it fit in with “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Family Matters” and all the other totally appropriate, goofy stuff they put on there? I’m kinda glad to see that BET isn’t the only network with programming issues though.

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