Good Morning, Sunshine

21 Feb

Sydney:I got a man who’s fine, intelligent, successful, and gives it to me on a very, very regular basis and the sh*t is the bomb!

~Brown Sugar~

Eminem is working on a memoir that’s due out later this year. I’d read it. He’s a pretty good writer and I bet there’ll be plenty of chuckle-worthy moments in his book. I wasn’t exactly blown away by “8 Mile,” so I think I’d like to read about his life in his own words. Plus, me being from the D and all, I’m interested to read his thoughts about coming up in Detroit’s hip hop scene. I miss Detroit hip hop. Shout out to the Buddha Lounge or whatever it’s called now.

Speaking of Detroit…Mayor Kilpatrick is back to business. I think it’s safe to say he has no intention of resigning.
~Detroit Free Press~

Here’s some interesting inventions by black folks. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you for Black History Month.
~All Hip Hop~


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