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21 Feb


Readers of my blog know that I heart “The Wire.” It is that rare convergence of great writing, superb acting and engaging direction. But alas, all good things must come to an end and for “The Wire” that end will come on March 9th –the 11th anniversary of Biggie’s death, incidentally. Actually, that might not be a coincidence. That David Simon is a sly one.

Anywho, one of the great things about “The Wire” is that it rewards people who really pay attention. It’s an excellent show if you choose to just turn your brain off and watch it like you would other idiot box shows, but if you allow yourself to think while you watch, you will not be disappointed. Simon is very good at stealthily bringing back storylines from previous seasons, making a little social commentary with a particular camera angle or subtly underscoring the plot with a song choice. That, my friends, is quality television. Oh, my bad. It’s not tv, it’s HBO.

Surprisingly, I do not own “The Wire”on DVD (I’ll be buying the entire series once it’s available though), so my predictions here are based strictly on my memory of previous seasons and how I think Simon will finish off his masterpiece. I really don’t think Simon would insult his fans by definitively tying up each character’s story and I also don’t think he’ll go the David Chase route with a “Sopranos”-like ending. He’ll be brilliant, per usual and below are my predictions for just how brilliant he will be. These predictions are by no means exhaustive and do not cover every single storyline. It’s just stuff I’ve been thinking about. Basically, I think Simon will let us know that the streets won’t die, even if a couple people manage to escape and all the corruption and ineptitude in City Hall, the precinct, the schools and the newspaper will live on too. He’ll show us that there are ways to change it though.

I’ll post about my predictions over the coming weeks as they are proven right –or for some God awful reason, wrong.

Michael will kill Marlo and become Omar
Michael is the most endearing little thug on “The Wire” since Bodie (RIP). He actually has a working moral compass tucked away into his teenage killer heart, which you can see most clearly when he’s doing anything with his little brother Bug. The way that Michael questions things, but still kills as directed (most of the time), he reminds me of Omar, the grown up killer with a conscience. Michael will kill Marlo because he thinks Marlo is essentially evil incarnate and he will go on to occupy that ruthless killer role that Omar currently holds. When Omar is coming for you, you know you’re going to get got and that’s the kind of precision killer (with a conscience) Michael will be. He’ll be that rogue executioner that’s really not part of anybody’s crew and he’ll kill for Bug the same way that Omar will kill for his loved ones.

Omar will live on (or will he?)
The man, the myth, the legend, Omar! Omar is a living legend in Baltimore and his “end” will be dubious. Just like that “batman sh*t” he did a couple episodes ago, he’ll cheat his foes out of watching him suffer. There’ll be some kind of violent shoot out and Omar will be laying on the ground somewhere and it will not be clear to the viewers (or to Balmore) whether he made it or not. He’ll live on forever. Anytime somebody gets done, the idea that Omar was behind it will be a plausible theory in the hood.

Chris will kill Snoop and then himself
The dynamic duo will not be ride or die forever. Before Marlo gets popped, he will instruct Chris to kill Snoop for some kind of infraction (talking to Kima?) and once Chris does the deed, he will off himself after looking at his fallen partner and thinking about what he really has to offer his family and he’ll decide that his kids are better off without him.

McNulty will kind of get caught, but not really
Things will fall apart with McNulty’s fake serial killer, but no one but a handful of people will know the depth of his deeds. The serial killer has been such a boon for Carcetti’s image that his handlers will clean things up and manufacture an ending for the press that will make Carcetti look good and make McNulty a superstar cop. McNulty’s wife will leave his sorry ass though.

Scott is sooooo going to get caught
No way is Scott going to get away with his tomfoolery. The clip for the next episode shows him being confronted by that ex-Marine, but he’ll really get his behind handed to him once all his other stuff gets another glance by the higher ups. He’ll be fired and unfortunately, Gus will be fired with him. Even though Gus tried to bring Scott’s “issues” to the attention of his bosses, they will toss him to the fire anyway and insist that Gus should have taken formal action early on.

Namond gets a happily ever after
Namond’s success story will be bittersweet because though we’ll be happy that he seems to be on the right path, we know that not everyone is lucky enough to have a benevolent former police chief adopt him. With a little love, some boundaries and some direction, all the kids could have Namond’s ending.

Randy will be Stringeresque
He was so cute and unassuming when he was running around selling candy in school. Unfortunately, too many broken promises and harsh group home reality, have hardened his little heart beyond repair. He’ll be groomed as the next big dope slanger. I believe he is Cheese’s (Method Man) son. If you look at “The Wire” website, they have the same last name, Wagstaff. Cheese will be the new guy once Marlo is picked off and he’ll decide to take interest in his son and use his smarts to help him run the “family business.” So, in that way Randy will be like Stringer, but he’ll also be muscle (something Stringer was not) now that he’s a hot head.

Dukie dies
He’s too fragile for the streets and he doesn’t have anyone to show him anything different. Maybe it’s his death that will push Michael to the edge to kill Marlo. I really like Dukie (that sounds so funny), but I think his days are numbered. Mr. Simon, make this prediction wrong.

Prez takes some random desk job and shakes his head at the latest Sun headline.
Nerese keeps clawing her way up, regardless of who she steps on.
Daniels gets the top job without incident.
Kenard (that really annoying little kid who hit Dukie) will get shot.
Alma will be promoted and finally get her shine, but she’ll feel bad about Scott and Gus.

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