Wire Predictions: Moment of Truth Pt. 1

25 Feb

Okay folks, the “Moment of Truth” posts will serve as my tally of right and wrong predictions for “The Wire” that I posted last week. I’ll probably throw in some new predictions for good measure too. Click here to see all of my predictions.

Prediction: Omar will live on (or will he?)
The man, the myth, the legend, Omar! Omar is a living legend in Baltimore and his “end” will be dubious. Just like that “batman sh*t” he did a couple episodes ago, he’ll cheat his foes out of watching him suffer. There’ll be some kind of violent shoot out and Omar will be laying on the ground somewhere and it will not be clear to the viewers (or to Balmore) whether he made it or not. He’ll live on forever. Anytime somebody gets done, the idea that Omar was behind it will be a plausible theory in the hood.

Verdict: Partially Correct (I’m a glass half full kind of girl).
Omar was in fact shot, as I predicted and even though his brains were clearly laying outside of his skull, folks outside were still wondering if he was actually dead ,as I predicted. There was no violent shoot out though. Just evil little, cat murdering/torturing, pick on the weak, pre-adolescent drug dealing, no conscience having Kenard, popping Omar in the head one good time. I’ll give it to Simon on that one. Allowing Omar to have a more “poetic” ending would have been a little too predictable.

My other predictions have yet to be definitively proven or disproven, though I’m pretty sure now that Chris does not kill Snoop. From the previews for next week, it looks like Chris goes to jail and Michael kills Snoop. There’s still time for Kenard to get shot, so I’m sticking to that one.

A few quick observations….

The Kids
So, Dukie and Poot are talking in a store….Sounds like the set up for a bad joke, right? But seriously, how good was it to see Poot at the shoe store? He shot and killed his best friend in the first season and seemed to be clearly headed down a road to nowhere. It’s not cool to get away with murder, but I’m glad he got himself a little non-corner job. I was (and still am) expecting to see Namond pop back into the storyline as a “happily ever after” of sorts, but not Poot. Would have been nice if he had hooked Dukie up with a job or something. I mean, what’s a fudged job application in the grand scheme of things if it gets him off the street? It’s really sad that none of these kids (except Bug) seem to view school as an option.

The Streets
There’s really no separation now between the “kids” and the “streets,” but you all know what I mean. How weird was it to see Marlo yelling like that in the previews for the next episode? We’ve never seen him show emotion or care about anything enough to speak above an even tone. Losing control, Marlo. Not good for you. I still maintain that Marlo is on his way out.

The Precinct
McNulty is getting too fast and loose with his serial killer talk. Too many people know and he’s getting sloppy. Recipe for disaster. I’m sticking by my “getting caught, but not really” prediction. Kima is not a happy camper. I don’t think she will rat him out, but I think she might do something to prevent them from moving forward with their little scheme. By the way, I loved the whole FBI profile of McNulty. Brilliant.

City Hall
Nothing too interesting. Nice to see Clay Davis is still on his “sheeeeeeeiiiiit” game.

Scott is going down! Down I tell you!


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2 responses to “Wire Predictions: Moment of Truth Pt. 1

  1. narmer

    February 26, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Your theories were good about Omar, but in the end, Omar was taken out by one Marlow’s young baby duffel bag boys.

  2. loveisdope

    February 29, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Kenard is a little cherub faced psycho. I wonder if we’ll see him again before the series ends.


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