Democratic Debate Coverage Wrap Up

27 Feb

You all know how super duper unbiased I am when it comes to the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination race, but I figured I’d round up some of the media’s coverage of last night’s Ohio debate just so you could see some other angles. Two things stuck out to me. One, Obama is totally not going to use public financing, but he won’t say that plainly. He says he would want to sit down with the Republican candidate and make that decision, but we know what that decision would be. Two, Clinton is really looking desperate. Inserting herself into every question (even if it meant interrupting the moderator or delaying a commercial break), picking on every syllable of what Obama was saying and frankly sounding pretty whiny, was not a good look.

Mike Madden described Hillary Clinton as “grouchy.” I could go with that. The “Saturday Night Live” reference didn’t do her any favors.

A quote from this article: “Mrs. Clinton stared steadily at Mr. Obama with pursed lips and a furrowed brow — sometimes shaking her head energetically or issuing withering looks — as he answered questions.”
~New York Times~

This article portrays both candidates as aggressive. It also talks a little more than the other articles about that pretty humorous “reject vs. denounce” exchange.
~Washington Post~

This piece focuses on Obama and Clinton’s very different debate styles.

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