Wire Predictions: Moment of Truth Pt. 2

03 Mar

Okay folks, the “Moment of Truth” posts will serve as my tally of right and wrong predictions for “The Wire” that I posted a couple weeks ago. I’ll probably throw in some new predictions for good measure too. Click here to see all of my predictions.

Chris will kill Snoop and then himself
The dynamic duo will not be ride or die forever. Before Marlo gets popped, he will instruct Chris to kill Snoop for some kind of infraction (talking to Kima?) and once Chris does the deed, he will off himself after looking at his fallen partner and thinking about what he really has to offer his family and he’ll decide that his kids are better off without him.

Revised Prediction
I’m pretty sure now that Chris does not kill Snoop. From the previews for next week, it looks like Chris goes to jail and Michael kills Snoop. There’s still time for Kenard to get shot, so I’m sticking to that one.

Verdict: Partially Correct (initial prediction), Correct (revised prediction)
Chris did not kill Snoop, but Snoop did get got! I was right about that. My revised prediction (which came out after watching the preview for the lastest episode) was right on the money. I’m definitely not surprised that Mike (little killer that he is) popped Snoop. I’m not sure now whether he’ll be around to make my prediction about killing Marlo come true.

Namond gets a happily ever after
Namond’s success story will be bittersweet because though we’ll be happy that he seems to be on the right path, we know that not everyone is lucky enough to have a benevolent former police chief adopt him. With a little love, some boundaries and some direction, all the kids could have Namond’s ending.

Verdict: Correct
Awww, yeah! I got one totally right! It was so good to see Namond doing well…even with his massive cubic zirconia in his ear. If only Dukie had such luck.

McNulty will kind of get caught, but not really
Things will fall apart with McNulty’s fake serial killer, but no one but a handful of people will know the depth of his deeds. The serial killer has been such a boon for Carcetti’s image that his handlers will clean things up and manufacture an ending for the press that will make Carcetti look good and make McNulty a superstar cop. McNulty’s wife will leave his sorry ass though. Additional prediction…McNulty is getting too fast and loose with his serial killer talk. Too many people know and he’s getting sloppy. Recipe for disaster. I’m sticking by my “getting caught, but not really” prediction. Kima is not a happy camper. I don’t think she will rat him out, but I think she might do something to prevent them from moving forward with their little scheme.

Verdict: Right and Wrong
This prediction has yet to be fully proven right or wrong, but I was definitely wrong about Greggs. I’m kind of surprised that she would rat them out instead of just doing something else that would have prevented their investigation from progressing. I’m still not sure what the fallout will be though. From the previews it looks like the poop hits the fan, but I hope they figure out some way to put all that police work to good use. It would be a shame for Marlo to get off because there was no money to legally fund a wiretap. From this angle anyway. From a legal point of view, the city could end up getting its ass handed to it for this stunt and why has Herc completely moved to the dark side? Why is he telling the lawyer stuff about precinct business?

A few observations…

The Kids
Michael. It’s so sad to watch him morally disintegrate. Funny how we sympathize with him because we understand how he was brought up, but with Kenard we feel little to no sympathy because we haven’t seen his backstory. All we see is a cat-murdering, dope dealing little jerk. But just like Michael, Dukie, Namond, Randy and all the others, I’m sure he comes from some horrible place that could hardly be called a home.

How sad was it to watch Dukie get dropped off in that alley? I’m glad to see Prez in the preview for the final episode, but it looks like he might not be totally helpful. Damn you Prez. Save that boy!

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