The Wire Finale

10 Mar

The greatest show on television has taken its final bow and though I will miss it terribly, I think David Simon and crew gave it a pretty good send off. As I anticipated, Simon basically reiterated the notion that the destructive traditions/habits/mindsets of the various institutions on the show (city hall, the precinct, the streets, the schools, etc) will continue on with a new crop of characters in the same, well-worn roles. The montage was fullfilling in a lot of ways, but I thought it was a bit long and a tad too neat. Maybe stretching out a couple of those seconds long wrap ups into actual scenes over the course of a few episodes would have been better. Enjoyable and well done all the same though.

Anywho, my thoughts are after the jump.

The Kids
Dukiiiiieeee! Ugh. Was it just me or did you initially think that was Dukie sprawled out on the ground in that Greggs and Bunk scene too? I was momentarily very very sad. Then I got really sad when I saw the poor baby shooting up with the junk man. I guess somebody has to take Bubbles’ place now that he’s clean. I don’t know about the whole Prez thing. He did so much for Dukie last season and he’s grown a lot as a teacher, so I think he realized that Dukie was basically a lost cause at the moment. I almost wanted him to adopt Dukie like Bunny did with Namond, but I guess that’s asking for a lot.

This is probably something I shouldn’t share, but I sure did smile when I saw Michael busting out that dude’s knee. “And that’s just a knee.” Classic. Classic Omar that is. He has the shotty and everything. I saw that one coming. Michael will perfectly take over the role of killer with a conscience. Omar’s mission lives on.

Kenard went to jail! I guess he’s kinda like Wee-Bay…no problem popping somebody or doing whatever it takes to stay in the game. Somebody on another website suggested that Kenard is becoming Marlo. I don’t know if I totally agree with that. A little too early to say I guess, but I think Kenard is more like a more ruthless breed of a soldier rather than a leader.

See ya Cheese! Method Man always plays a clown in his gangster roles (Belly anyone?) and I wasn’t sad to see him get his brains shot out of his head. Actually, I was genuinely suprised by that too. Wasn’t expecting Slim Charles to blast him like that on the spot. Cheese being in charge would have definitely put the streets into straight war zone status again like it was in season one. Slim Charles was smart to shoot him and not just because he knew the truth about the Proposition Joe’s murder. We see him at the end dealing directly with the Greeks. I think Slim Charles will be a combination of Avon and Stringer. He has the muscle part down and he’s been soaking up the business knowledge from Prop Joe for years, so he knows all that too. He’s not all gangster or all business.

Marlo’s pride is a problem for him. It is his principal driving force and his fatal flaw as a character. He couldn’t stand to be in a suit for one evening without stepping out back on the streets, even knowing that his freedom is conditional based on his staying out of the game. “Do you know who I am?” Marlo can’t stand to not have his name in the streets. He’ll keep going and he’ll get caught and Levy won’t be able to save him from doing prison time.

At least Wee-Bay has some company now that Chris is doing life without parole.

The streets ain’t goin’ nowhere.

The Newspaper
Scott’s punk ass won a friggin’ Pulitzer! Awful. He’s such a hack and so are his editors. I guess Gus is lucky he didn’t get put out in the boonies with Alma. Glad to see Mike as the new editor. He’s a good guy. Some people didn’t like the newsroom storyline, but I did and not just because I’m a writer…I don’t think. Simon was getting at an issue larger than just a Jasyn Blair-type character. It was commentary about how disconnected media outlets are about reporting the “real” news. As Simon himself noted in a recent interview, the Sun reported almost nothing of the stories that truly impacted the everyday lives of folks in Baltimore.

The Law
I’m glad Daniels resigned. Not really sure what took him so long. It took him quite a while to figure out that the police commissioner position is best suited for a hack who is perfectly comfortable bending to whatever political will blows his way. I found it funny that Nerese, a black woman, had the flexibility to appoint a white commissioner, something a white mayor could never do. Glad to see Carver move up too. He’s not above doing a little dirt, but he’s basically a good guy…kinda like Daniels.

I didn’t care too much about what happened to Pearlman, but I guess it’s cool that she became a judge.

Snydor‘s the new McNulty! Speaking of McNulty, I thought that was a proper send off for him. Kinda surprised he’s kinda cleaned himself up. Not sure what he’s going to do now that’s he’s not a cop anymore. Freamon has his miniature furniture and his wife to keep him busy….plus a pension.

Time for everybody to go home.

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