Good Morning, Sunshine

18 Mar

Love has truly been good to me
Not even one sad day
Or minute have I had since you’ve come my way

~Luther Vandross, So Amazing~

Florida Dems will not get a second shot at a primary. Guess they should have followed the rules in the first place, huh?

For non-New Yorkers: Check out the insanity that is the NYC real estate market. For New Yorkers: Check out the third pic. Two-bedroom duplex in Downtown Brooklyn for $1.2 million in a converted printing plant. Steal! Faux hipster yuppies rejoice.
~ New York Times~

Bill Clinton said he ain’t never, eva, eva, eva said nothing bad about Obama. Mmhmm.

In an effort to lay it all out there, New York’s new governor and his wife have admitted to both of them having affairs for years during rocky parts of their marriage.  No hookers though, so it’s all good.
~New York Daily News~ 

This subprime mortgage crisis doesn’t seem to have a bottom. Ask Bear Stearns. For those not familiar with these Wall Street firms. JP Morgan Chase buying Bear Stearns stocks for $2 a share is like Burger King buying every McDonald’s franchise for like a couple hundred bucks each…tomorrow.






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