Five Years

19 Mar

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. When war was declared, I was preparing to go on a trip to Ghana. My family was less than enthusiastic about me traveling abroad at all and especially about traveling while the U.S. was actively engaged in war. I told them they were worrying too much. Ghana would be fine and besides, the war would be over by the time my trip rolled around a month later. Dubya made it seem like Iraq would just roll over and show its belly as soon as the U.S. flexed a little muscle. In and out. No biggie. Well, five years and thousands of casualities later, we’re still duking it out.

By the way, my Ghana trip was wonderful and fabulous.

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One response to “Five Years

  1. Winslie Gomez

    March 19, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    The war will continue till they get what they came for.

    Just a UK perspective.
    If you have no objection here is my link as I too follow events closely.


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