What Is Maury Going To Do?

27 Mar

Home pregnancy tests have been around since the 70’s and today, you can mail in a little saliva and find out where your great-great-great-great grandmother came from, so I guess it was only a matter of time before you could find out who your daddy is from the privacy of your home or computer screen. If there’s a Rite-Aid near you, pretty soon you’ll be able to pick up a paternity test kit off the shelf for just $29.99 and for $119 you can get the lab result sent to you via mail and/or email. According to the MSNBC article, using these test results to establish paternity in court would not be a good idea because of the chain of custody issues.

It’s sad that a paternity test is a viable, mass market, consumer product, but I’m glad there’s a relatively inexpensive option for people looking to answer the question of paternity without going on Maury, getting courts involved or spending hundreds of dollars they don’t have. Stocking stuffer!

In honor of this product hitting the market, I give you the hood classic, “My Baby Daddy.”

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