Shooting Unarmed Men 50 times is A-OK in NYC

26 Apr

That is, as long as you’re a cop. Late one night, in November of 2006, Sean Bell was leaving his strip club bachelor party in Queens. His plan was to go home, go to sleep, wake up and marry his fiance and mother of his kids. As fate would have it, three undercover New York City police officers shot at Bell and his two friends 50 (FIFTY) times as they sat in Bell’s car. Bell died from his wounds, his friends lived to tell the tale. All three men were unarmed.

A judge in Queens just found all three cops NOT GUILTY on all charges. The judge couldn’t even pin the lesser reckless endangerment charges on them. Mind you, one of the officers, Michael Oliver, shot his gun 31 times and had to reload to do it. Sounds a little reckless if you ask me. Just a smidge. Needless to say, New Yorkers were stunned by the verdict. I was astounded that those cops got off completely. Not one conviction. I’m glad there have been no riots, but I hope the brazen ridiculousness of this case will inspire people to make real changes in the NYPD and in our “justice” system.


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3 responses to “Shooting Unarmed Men 50 times is A-OK in NYC

  1. Ms. Aja B.

    April 26, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    Nothing is going to change. This was our chance to see change happen. Most times in these police brutality cases, the victim is dead and there are no witnesses except other cops on the scene. This time around, there WERE witnesses. Witnesses still dealing with the effects of being shot numerous times, no less.

    And still….not guilty…

    I mean really–Wesley is going to jail for THREE YEARS for tax evasion. THREE YEARS because he didn’t give the government their money. THREE YEARS? Really.

    But shoot at someone 50 times and kill them…not guilty.

    I really wonder what is going to have to happen between a member of the NYPD and a civilian before someone says Enough is Enough.

  2. loveisdope

    April 27, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    I was truly shocked when I heard the verdict. I wasn’t in the courtroom everyday, but from what I heard, the prosecution tanked the case. *sigh* I wonder what it will take to make some real changes too. We’ve all read about some of those high profile NYPD police brutality cases where the seemingly guilty cops got off with little to nothing, but I really thought the dude who re friggin loaded would be found guilty of something.


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