Damn, Man

01 May


Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has once again provided Detroit with more shame. A judge recently released a document containing more racy text messages between the mayor and his mistress and then chief-of-staff, Christine Beatty. Here’s a link to the text messages. Go to page 9 of the 18-page document to get to the interesting part. From the messages, it’s clear that Beatty was basically like a love-struck teenager and the mayor seemed to enjoy having a down ass chic. She fawned over every little thing he did that might have kind of seemed like real affection. Imagine being in high school again and the cutest boy in school waves hello from across the hall and you replay that moment over and over in your head, wondering if he looked at you a little longer than necessary or sent some kind of silent clue that he really wanted to take you to the prom. A simple hello practically turns into a bended knee proposal. That was how Beatty sounded in her text messages. Sad, really. If she wasn’t knowingly messing with a married man (with her own husband and kids at home no less), I’d probably feel a little sorry for her. She absolutely played herself. There she was fawning over him and sending him explicit messages about wanting to give him some good ummm…brain and for the most part, he’s giving short, stand-offish responses (just enough to keep her in the game)and most importantly, staying with his wife.

Earlier this year, the mayor’s wife said they were in marriage counseling for all of this, but I would think that reading text messages from your husband talking about one day becoming the stepfather to his side piece’s kids, would undo whatever progress has been made.

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One response to “Damn, Man

  1. Maxine Taylor

    July 24, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly. Christine Beatty definitely played herself. KK was being a player all the way. I don’t feel sorry for Ms. Beatty either, nor do I feel sorry for his wife. Beatty was dirty dealing her little tail off. Being down with her man cost several people their livelihoods or their level of comfort on the job. I cannot feel sorry for his wife until I am convinced that she had no part in ‘Strawberry’s’ death. I don’t understand how women will batter another woman for being with their man, but forgive the man as if he was not the one who promised to be faithful. What’s up with that?


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