Isn’t She Lovely: Jill Scott

15 May


New feature! “Isn’t She Lovely” posts will highlight women I think embody that elusive triple threat of beauty, style and grace. There are so many mean, nit-picky gossip blogs that tear celebs apart, I thought it might be nice to actually do something positive. I’m going for all ages, races and types of beauty. Enjoy.

Our first honoree is the lovely Jill Scott. Just like her latest album says, Jilly from Philly is the real thing. Besides being an amazing singer, songwriter, performer (Have you seen this woman in concert? You must.) and budding actress, she kills the red carpet. Jill’s hair is ever-evolving and always on point and she straight owns whatever fabulous garment has the privilege of hugging her curves. I’m clueless about make-up beyond mascara and lip gloss, but Jill’s people have it down to a science. Her make-up almost always looks flawless. I’ve seen her a couple times in concert and she has great posture too. That sounds a little random, but having your shoulders back and your back straight can be the difference between looking okay and looking fierce. Check her out on the June cover of Essence. Gorgeous. More pics of the songstress after the jump.






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