Good Morning, Sunshine

29 May

The leaning tower of Pisa is safe…in our lifetime, anyway. ~Yahoo~

Why can’t the we take care of our armed forces? They are handing over their lives, the least we can do is minimize stupid, accidental, preventable death. ~CNN~

This article explores female writers and how only a very select (beautiful, shallow, self-deprecating) few seem to get the major spotlight. This is very very similar to the argument hip hop fans make all the time about how only a very small (grossly materialistic, hyper-sexual, generically talented if at all) number of rappers make it to platinum status and lots of spin on the radio. Personally, I write because I love to write.  If I never sit on Oprah’s couch, I’m fine with that. ~Salon~

Apparently, BET is still feeding into that down low bs. They have a friggin’ slide show about how to tell if you man is gay. Ugh. Seriously? I know there are people in the world who do claim to be on one team, but are really batting for the other side, but come on. There’s no checklist that is really going to tell you anything even remotely definitive about your man.  If you really need to ask the question, you probably already have the answer anyway.  ~BET~




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