Movie Review: Sex and the City (SPOILER ALERT)

31 May

Those of us who faithfully followed Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte during their adventures on the beloved “Sex and the City” HBO series, were equal parts excited and nervous about the girls heading to the big screen.  My final verdict on the film is that although it was enjoyable on some levels, it did not need to be made and if they do a sequel (which has been hinted at), I will catch it on DVD or something. Click below for my spoiler-ridden thoughts about the movie. If you do not want to know about things that happen in the movie, do not continue reading.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

The Clothes, Dahling
The one great and of course over-the-top thing about this movie was the fashion. It’s gluttonous, in-your-face, shamelessly name-dropping style all over this movie. Even Miranda managed to look put-together most of the time.  I didn’t love every single outfit in the movie, but there were some gorgeous numbers in this. A few of the wedding gowns from that Vogue photo shoot were just breath-taking and almost all of Carrie’s outfits were ridiculously gorgeous.  There was a point in the movie when Carrie modeled some of her old clothes for her girlfriends and she put on the tutu from the opening credits of the show. Awww. That was cute.

Really Carrie?
I hate the fact that Carrie married Big. They had been together on and off for 10 friggin’ years and he calls minutes before the wedding to tell her he can’t marry her? Even if he was going to pull a stunt like that, he could have at least told her to her face. Total bullshit. That was so disrespectful. He allegedly had a change of heart as his punk ass was being driven away, but that’s bullshit too. When he actually got to see Carrie on the street, he should have literally walked her back to the wedding and married that woman and he should have given the most thoughtful, tearful vows he’s ever given. But he didn’t do that. He let Carrie go.  For some odd reason, she was moved by his cut and paste  love letter emails. Like a lot of women, Carrie was love starved and devoured any little scrap of affection from her (mostly) emotionally unavailable mate. It seemed like the writers wanted viewers to be happy for her at the end and I didn’t feel that way at all. I thought she was being an idiot (for the 10 billionth) time for Big and his my-way-or-no-way-at-all relationship rules.

It was disappointing to see that Carrie seemed to become a 40-something-year-old woman with the same emotional IQ of the 20-something-year-olds she encountered in the opening scenes of the movie. The “moral” of Carrie’s story seemed to be that once you get to a certain age and you still want to get married, you have to make a fool of yourself and settle for some suave-talking man who has shown (over and over) that he has zero respect for you.  That’s a horrible thing to put out there. Stable, happy, fulfilling, loving relationships actually exist and no self-respecting person should settle for less, regardless of age.  Maybe some folks are happy with Carrie’s ending because they think Big really is the love of her life. I just don’t think so.

Oh, Miranda
Miranda had the best and most interesting story in the movie. Everybody loves Steve. He’s always been a stand-up guy, so to have him being unfaithful was definitely a lulu. Her initial reaction (to move out and leave him) was understandable and even her inability to let go of that anger and hurt after a few months sounded about right. In true Miranda form, she was still letting work take her away from the truly important things like love, family and intimacy. (Six months?? Damn.) The Brooklyn Bridge part was so “awwwww.” I loved that in the end, Miranda, Steve and Brady were one happy family unit again. Unlike Big, Steve went after his woman and seemed truly apologetic and sincere.  I think the writers/directors did a pretty good job with Miranda of showing some emotional growth by the end of the movie.

Still Samantha
I didn’t like Samantha’s story. It just did not ring true for me. Smith, the man who remembered their fifth anniversary, was totally cold and flippant on V-day when Samantha literally bared all and put a lot of effort into a gift for him. Samantha has always been about as emotionally stingy as a lot of the men that have come in and out of the series, so surely Smith knew what a big deal it was for Samantha to put in so much work for a made-up holiday. I just didn’t buy that scene at all and I didn’t like that a 50-year-old woman still didn’t seem to have anything beyond girlfriends, money and a desire for emotion-free sex.  I’m not saying that every woman needs a husband in order to have a happy life. I am, however, saying that every person on this planet desires intimate companionship, even Samantha Jones. To me, it seems like Samantha has never been truly satisfied with her life. She’s never been in a relationship for more than a minute that she was truly happy in. Staying with Smith for five years, even though she seemed to be miserable for much of it, was not a good thing. But instead of talking about it and trying to work through it, she just bounced. That’s not very grown-up. That’s just running away. The writers should give Samantha some age-appropriate maturity if they do a sequel.

“Nooooo” Charlotte
Charlotte got everything she wanted and she totally deserved it. Her storyline didn’t get a lot of screen-time because there’s only so much interesting “drama” in a happily-ever-after tale, but I was really happy for her. I also really liked her “Noooo” scene. That was good!

Louise aka Mammy 2008
Jennifer Hudson’s role in this movie was awful and horrible. Yes, both. First, let me just say that people always complained about the show only including white folks. I personally didn’t see that as a problem because in reality, four upper-middle-class white women in Manhattan probably don’t have many, if any, non-white people in their close group of friends. Most people, regardless of income-range, gender or race have close friends who are demographically very similar to themselves. So, not having many brown faces on the show in substantive roles (I see you Blair Underwood!) was not a big deal to me.

Fast-foward to the movie. SJP has said in a couple interviews recently how having Jennifer Hudson in the movie is a nod to the show’s African American female fans. Well, they could have kept that. For real.  For one, if they wanted to put a black woman in the movie as an acknowledgment to their black fans, they should have created a fabulous character who was on their level  in terms of fashion, money, class, etc. Instead, J-Hud’s character, Louise from St. Louis, is Carrie’s sassy assistant who loooooves some Louis Vuitton even though she can’t afford it. I was disgusted by the shucking and jiving that went on when Carrie gave Louise her “very own Louis.” Ugh. Hudson’s character was by far, the worst part of the movie to me. Not to mention that I don’t think J-Hud even did a very good job acting-wise.  I just wasn’t buying any of it.

All in All
SATC was a visually pleasurable movie that could have used some tweaking plot-wise. So basically, it’s like most summer blockbusters. The messed up parts of this movie just stung a little more because the show was so good. I’m sure they’ll get around to doing a sequel. Maybe, just maybe, the writers can do a better job in round two.


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13 responses to “Movie Review: Sex and the City (SPOILER ALERT)

  1. Daniel's Critical Corner

    May 31, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    LOL ! What a great review… This movie reminded
    me of the old “Doris Day Show”, where she would
    strutt her stuff in over the top 70’s fashion, all the
    while never getting to deep in the plot department.

    I’ve never been a big watcher of the show, but
    I thought the movie was cute. Nice popcorn flick.

  2. ndenise

    June 1, 2008 at 9:24 am

    I totally agree with your comments re: J.hud.
    Her performance was utterly unbelievable and totally cringeworthy. Why’d she have to be some simple country bumpkin from the midwest? I thought her skin looked horrible in the film and I should know, the theater was so packed that my girls and I had to sit in the 3rd row!

    There’s a good article over at The Root ( talking about Hudson’s performance and the “magical negro” archetype that appears in films over and over again.

    Overall, I thought the movie was cute. I liked when Big and Carrie, stopped in the middle of the street and he tried to apologize. She went OFF, beating him with those flowers. Charlotte’s face was priceless! That’s what you do for a friend. You back her up and then you take her to Mexico!

    I think that if they were going to do Samantha like that, then she should have gone ahead and screwed Dante.

  3. bathroomsuites

    June 1, 2008 at 11:24 am

    I live in a sleepy village in North Lincolnshire UK. Why doesn’t anyone make a movie called sex in the village. Who knows it may be a subliminal message for all the girls from the WI.

  4. embrownny

    June 1, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    LOL! Great review. I saw the movie on Friday. There were some good laughs but you are so right about Jennifer Hudson’s character. Not only was it a bad role, but that girl can’t act.

  5. loveisdope

    June 1, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    Thanks for checking out my blog, folks!

    Daniel- I had to look up the Doris Day show! lol I think “cute” is a good word for this movie…sad too though in unintended ways, I think.

    ndenise- I’m gonna check out that article on The Root. Yeah, they might as well have let Samantha get some from Dante. Why the heck not?

    Embrownny- I’m so glad you said that! The woman can sing, but acting is definitely not her strongest talent.

  6. lieblingartcrafts

    June 3, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Great review! I felt exactly the same, and the whole setup to “Bigs Cold Feet” was so obvious and poorly set up as well.

    The fashion was at times gross (WHY would anyone spoil a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown by placing a frigging BIRD on their head is way way beyond me)

    J-Hud sucked. The only scene I enjoyed her in was the one when they were packing, and the guy was ogling her, and she said “nothing in there for you!” or some equivalent.

    I didn’t buy Steve would even cheat, though it was the best storyline of the movie. I also didn’t buy the whole Samantha thing either!

    Alternate plot line: Samantha cheats with the supposedly sexy neighbor and has to deal with the crappy consequences. Give her some good grown-up real life lessons for god’s sake!

    Good review, I was going to do one of my own but you said it all!


  7. loveisdope

    June 3, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    lieblingartcrafts- Thanks! I don’t know how much of a SATC tv show fan you were, but if you recall, Big had heart surgery once. So, I thought he was going to have a heart attack and maybe die or something. Cuz you’re right, there was so much foreshadowing that Big was going to stand her up that I thought the writers would surely not go that route. If he had a heart attack on the way to the big fruffy wedding (even if he didn’t die), Carrie would have felt soooo bad and then maybe there would have been a more legitimate-seeming reason for her going with a decidedly more low-key affair.

    LOL at ruining the dress with a dead bird. 🙂 Like Miranda, I also thought it was a big feather. lol

    J-Hud really was the worst part of the movie to me. Fortunately, she wasn’t in the movie long enough to really matter.

    I like your alternate Samantha story. That would have been much better!

  8. lieblingartcrafts

    June 4, 2008 at 2:57 pm


    Yes! I think the Big/Heart attack thing would have fit much better. I just felt like it was so flimsy when he was sitting in the car and leaving Carrie messages saying “I just need to know it’ll be the two of us” and then leaving because he didn’t see her face. You can see her face inside! He’s not the wimp he was in that scene at all.

    I’ve been stewing on this whole thing since I read your review yesterday, because despite everything wrong with it I liked the movie for it’s ususal witty dialogue and good girlfriend camaraderie type vibe. I’m just upset about the premise that a strong, independent woman like Carrie would swoon all over again for the same deadbeat guy. And further, why did he just email her those lame poems? He knew where she lived. He should have been beating her door down and beggin for forgiveness if you ask me! Weak.

  9. Left disappointed

    June 4, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    The best review I’ve read! I’ve had a hard time having an informed conversation about the movie because so many people who saw it were simply not SATC fans. A lot just caught on to the show via TBS ( and those abbreviated shows are nothing like the actuals. Sometimes the cuts completely change the basic themes) or just responded to the media hype for the movie.

    I totally agree about Carrie. How could she have married him? What a horrible message to send! Big was more interested in his personal embarrassment due to his own failed choices than Carrie’s happiness. Sure, he’d been married twice before, but this was Carrie’s FIRST! If she wanted to invite 1000 guests and take out a full page ad in the Post, he should’ve taken it with a smile after the bs he put her through over 10 frigging years!

    As for J-Hud, I thought I was the only one. Her character was unnecessary and poorly acted. Poor lil black girl gets her first Louis from generous white woman. Puh-lease! This black girl bought her own!

    But even still, I’ve been waiting for this movie for 4 long years and I couldn’t help but enjoy seeing the girls. I hope the sequel will correct this movie’s mistakes.

  10. loveisdope

    June 5, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Yeah, the writers have always done a good job with showing the bond between the ladies and it was in the movie as well. I didn’t necessarily hate the movie (just certain parts) and I’m actually going to go see it again this weekend with some girlfriends who haven’t seen it. It was nice to see the SATC girls again, but I seriously could have done without this movie or even waited a little longer, so they could go back to the drawing board on a couple things. Like, I don’t think I’ll be buying this once it’s on DVD.

    LOL @ Left Disappointed on getting your own Louis. 🙂 I hear that! Yeah, if Big wanted to be just “you and me” with Carrie, the wedding shouldn’t even have mattered to him. Like you said, it could have 2,000 people or 20 people and it shouldn’t matter. He should have been like every other groom and just let her have the day she wanted.

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