Good Morning, Sunshine

03 Jun

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

~Kelis, Milkshake~


Bo Diddley passed away at the age of 79. I wasn’t exactly a rock n roll child growing up (I was too b-girl for that), but I do remember Bo Diddley fondly from those commercials with Bo Jackson. “Bo, you don’t know Diddley.” RIP Mr. Diddley. ~Washington Post~

The inventor of the Pringles can, Dr. Frederic J. Baur, also passed away and my favorite celebrity gossip blogger has a few words to share. ~D Listed~

Woo hoo! Today is the last day of Democratic primaries. Is it possible HRC might concede today?? A girl can dream. ~CNN~

Folks are just plain giddy about a new iPhone possibly being introduced next week. I heart Apple. I’m typing on a Mac right now, but I did not buy into the iPhone madness. I mean it looks cool and all, but I always like to go for the second or third version of new stuff, after the kinks have been fixed.  ~MSNBC~



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