Good Morning, Sunshine

10 Jun

Closer to my dreams
Getting over, I’m gettin’ higher

~Goaplele, Closer~

A new study finds that doctors are missing the cultural needs of their patients and the patients suffer for it. The author of the study says it does not appear to be overt, intended racism, but rather a failure to factor in cultural norms. To me, that translates to “Doctors only know how to treat WASPs,” which is just as bad as
“overt racism.” It’s assuming that there is only one culture. That mentality runs so deeply, that there’s not even a thought that there might be something out there other than what white folks do. I find this troubling. ~New York Times~

CNN wants to know if Obama is black or biracial. ~CNN~

Wow, these chicks are awful. For just $1.99, you can watch video clips of Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers talk about their sexual encounters with Bill Clinton and their thoughts on his wife and other stuff. Flowers claims to have been the “other woman” for 12 years. How cruel and mean-spirited of her to keep reminding Clinton’s family and the world about their relationship. Twist the knife a little more, will ya. Jones claimed to have been sexually harassed by Clinton. All of her legal stuff is done, you’d think she would want to put all this stuff behind her, but nooooo. Again, these chicks are awful. ~CNN~

The public rift between Rebecca Walker and her famous mom Alice Walker provides a little peek into the sometimes complicated mother/daughter dynamic. ~Salon~

This is a pretty cool hip hop timeline that spans from 1988 to 1991. Complete with videos and major cultural events. Wanna feel old? The “Arsenio Hall Show” debuted in 1989. Yep, 19 years ago. ~All Hip Hop~


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