Miss Rap Supreme: And the winner is…

10 Jun

Editor’s Note: I truly appreciate all the love my readers have been showing the “Miss Rap Supreme” posts. However, I need to make it clear that I am not one of the contestants. I keep getting comments and even e-mails from people who think I am whichever contestant I wrote about that week. I’m just a blogger, not a rapper. If you want to contact any of the ladies, go to their MySpace pages. Click here for  links to all of their pages. Thanks!

Rece Steele! She took it all the way and she deserved it. Byata definitely tried her best, but at the end of the day, Rece Steele was/is just a better MC. She’s hardcore in an old school kind of way. Rece Steele and Chiba were the two best rappers on the show. I’m glad Rece Steele took home the crown (and oversized mic). Hopefully, she’ll be able to actually use the show to do something with her career. Seems like a handful of American Idol contestants and the latest crop of “Making the Band” folks are the only ones who have been able to successfully use a reality show as a launching pad. Whatever happened to Shamrock anyway?


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