Good Morning, Sunshine

01 Jul

Forever my fiance
She lives in my lap
Don’t need no chain
She lives in my lap

~Andre 3000, She Lives In My Lap~

Authorities are dropping the investigation of the disappearnace of Madeleine McCann, the little girl who disappeared in Portugal over a year ago. No evidence, they say. I think they still have their eyes on the parents and they’re waiting on them to slip up.  ~CNN

Here are seven people who have real life “mutant powers.” Check it out. ~Cracked~

How to be Christian and believe in evolution. Personally, I’ve never had a problem acknowledging a higher power and the logic/rationality of science. ~Salon~

Hip hop timeline 2004-2007. You’ll be surprised at how ancient some of the songs/movies seem from just 4 years ago.  You can also go back and look through all the timelines  from this  link. ~All Hip Hop~


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