Go sit down somewhere, New Yorker magazine

14 Jul

Hell to the naw! I’m not even going to post the absolutely inappropriate, ridiculous and incredibly insulting illustration that the New Yorker has on it’s cover right now. If you want to see it and read some reactions to it, click here. The illustration basically depicts Obama and his wife as gun-toting Muslim extremists getting their “terrorist fist jab” on in their house as they burn an American flag in the fire place. Nice.

Now for it’s part, the New Yorker claims that it was meant to be over-the-top satire–something that pokes fun at the ridiculous portrayals plaguing the Obama campaign. The New Yorker has crazy little illustrations all the time and I totally understand sarcasm and satire, but this was a very poor decision and I don’t understand why the editors at the New Yorker would be so “surprised” by the reaction to this piece of poop. When asked who he thought would “get” this illustration, the cartoonist Barry Blitt basically said “IDK, my bff Obama?”. The New Yorker gets a big huge L for this.

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