Good Morning, Sunshine

15 Jul

Problem is you ain’t been loved like you should
What i got to give will sure ’nuff do you good

~Chaka Khan, Tell Me Something Good~

Aussie cops thought this creepy realistic looking doll was an actual baby, so they busted open a car window to “save the unconscious baby.” I’m sure the dollmaker is happy at least. ~AU~

MLK’s youngest son talks about the lawsuit his siblings have against him. On a side note, he looks just like his daddy. ~BET~

Read about this awesome teacher and his awesome book. ~Detroit Free Press~

This Salon writer thinks that the outrage over the New Yorker cover shows that liberals can dish it, but not take it when it comes to humor and satire. *sigh* Can we stop pretending that there’s no limit to satire? There is a such thing as going too far and you have that in this cover. Being offended by that crap does not mean someone does not “get” it or that we are just too sensitive when it comes to our guy. At the end of the day, the cover simply does not convey what the editors said it was intended to convey. At the very least that is an unsuccessful satirical effort. ~Salon~


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