We need another “We Are the World”

22 Jul

The idea of people starving in Africa seems so 1980’s doesn’t it?  The thought probably conjures up images of the “We are the World” video or a rosy cheeked Sally Struthers strutting around little brown children with distended bellies. The thing is, there are still starving people in Africa. It’s almost incomprehensible that a gluttonous, obese nation like the U.S. could possibly be on the same planet with countries whose citizens literally starve to death. I don’t think that the U.S. and other “super powers” have to (or are even able to) solve every single problem in the world, but with today’s technology and transportation resources, there really is no reason for millions of people to die every year for the simple lack of nourishment. Read this BBC article to read more about the 14 million people in the horn of Africa who are in danger of starving to death.

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