Kanye West + MTV = GI Bill 2008

29 Jul

FDR signing the original GI bill back in 1944

Kanye West and MTV’s Sway teamed up to surprise a few very lucky young war veterans with free backstage passes to Ye’s concert and some much needed financial help. They even hung out with the vets a little and let them tell their stories to the MTV audience. The vets seemed truly grateful and I’m glad they got the assistance that they should have been getting from the government. The young mother on the show talked about how she joined the military in order to pay for school. Well, now she’s back from overseas and has nothing but a mountain of debt to show for it. Republican presidential nominee (and war vet) John McCain actually opposed expanding the GI Bill. Yeah, he’s against giving troops more money for school and living expenses. Click here to see what McCain’s voting record says about how much he cares about his fellow veterans (the ones who aren’t millionaires or married to millionaires). Obama, baby!

Two quick observations about the show…

1) When the young mother ran away from the door in excitement when she saw Sway standing there, didn’t that remind you of the “Maury Show”? Don’t act like you’ve never watched that. I think it’s mandatory now for all the “baby mommas” to run backstage. (The term “baby momma” is seriously like a curse word now).

2) When Sway told the woman she had to give them permission to enter her open apartment door, it made me think that Sway and Kanye are actually vampires…which is cool because I really liked “The Lost Boys.”

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