All types of embarassing

07 Aug

Why is it that Ms. Cherry from “Miss Rap Supreme” has more sense than the mayor of Detroit? If you recall, there was an episode on “Miss Rap Supreme” where the ladies had to go to a shooting range. Ms. Cherry politely informed Serch that she couldn’t do the challenge because going to the gun range would violate the conditions of her bond. She stayed away from the range and out of trouble. KK here, decided to take his behind to Canada for city business without getting permission. He also “allegedly” shoved a Wayne County Detective in July who was trying to serve a subpoena. Violating the terms of his bond got him one night in jail. Kilpatrick also faces an additional felony charge for shoving that detective. That crime alone could land him in jail for two years. Let’s not forget that Kilpatrick and his side chick are already charged with multiple felonies for lying under oath about doing the do.

My people, my people! Alright Detroit, it’s really time to get going and put some D-Town muscle into putting the city on the right path.


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2 responses to “All types of embarassing

  1. adlv2006

    August 7, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    The difference is that Ms. Cherry isn’t mayor of a major American city. She’s not in a position where the power went to her head. She wasn’t raised by two parents involved in politics, raised with a figurative silver spoon and given a sense of entitlement. If we look at him and his background, should we really be surprised?

    After watching all the developments on TV, I can only pray that Detroiters will finally wake up and see what a dumbass some people voted in. Kilpatrick has disgraced the City long enough. It’s time for Detroiters to exercise their rights as American citizens and do, within the legal framework, and install somebody that will do their job to improve the City and bring it back to the grandeur that it deserves.

    Jose A. Rodriguez

  2. loveisdope

    August 8, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m from Detroit (live in NYC now) and I was really excited about Kilpatrick when he first took office. He was young, energetic and it seemed he was willing to actually do something different instead of staying in the same old broken system. Boy, have I been disappointed. His behavior is deeply embarassing and ridiculous. He’s not doing much to conquer the notion that young = irresponsible. I hope Detroit can get it together too. The city deserves a real leader and a real chance at thriving.


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