Good Morning, Sunshine

07 Aug

As much as I’ve tried to clarify
Love’s quite simple, he’s just my guy
Perfect definition
Love is you

~Chrisette Michele, Love Is You~

You know how it seems like any time you have to deal with government workers, the process is as slow and painful as possible? Well, I think those government workers feel the same way. ~CNN~

Somebody at TSA must get a bonus for every new rule made. ~Time~

A four year old was shot dead by a machine gun blast in Camden, New Jersey while running to his mother. So sad and ridiculous and insane. If this little boy had been shot by a police officer, there would be marches and lawsuits and passionate nationally televised coverage. But because this was just some “regular” dude riding around on a bicycle with a machine gun, there won’t be as much outrage. Guaranteed. There is a cop angle to this story though, so maybe somebody will think about doing something. ~BET~

Are you an unemployed journalist? Try India! ~Salon~

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