Newsflash! Fast food meals are not healthy

07 Aug

A nonprofit health group released a study this week that contains shocking information…kids’ meals at fast food restaurants are not healthy! And to think, all this time I thought if you just had smaller portions of fries soaked in grease and salt and burgers dripping with fat, it was basically like eating a piece of lettuce health-wise. Seriously though, did anyone really think that it was a-ok to feed kids fast food all the time because it’s “kid-size” portions? The study is kind of interesting though. For example, the study says that Chili’s offers 700 different kids’ meal combos, but 94 percent of those exceed 430 calories, which is what nutritionists say is the maximum amount of calories a child 4-8 years old should consume daily. There are stats from all the other major chains too. Basically, just don’t feed your kid crap, okay?

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