Good Morning, Sunshine

27 Aug

As I tuck that little girl and her little sister into bed at night, I think about how one day, they’ll have families of their own. And one day, they — and your sons and daughters — will tell their own children about what we did together in this election. They’ll tell them how this time, we listened to our hopes, instead of our fears. How this time, we decided to stop doubting and to start dreaming.

~Michelle Obama, 2008 DNC Speech~

Awwww, I love this story. This 85-year-old woman married this 96-year-old man after they fell in love exchanging letters for seven months. The article has a picture of them kissing. Adorable! ~WFSB~

Here’s a picture of the first woman charged with bigamy in Kentucky. I’m sure she’s a very nice person. ~wlwt~

I guess not everybody liked Michelle Obama’s speech. ~Local6~

Nick Cannon is DJing at the DNC. That’s pretty cool. ~All Hip Hop~

Dennis Kucinich is an interesting little man (with a wife who many think is out of his league), but he has some good ideas. I’d put that man in my cabinet. Hear that, B? ~Detroit Free Press~

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