Good Morning, Sunshine

03 Sep

Girl, I must confess,
That you are the best I’ve ever
had in my whole life.
And believe that love,
Just wouldn’t be complete,
Without you here beside me
to guide me through
whatever comes my way.

~Blackstreet, Let’s Stay In Love~

All this Palin stuff has teen pregnancy and marriage and all that at the forefront of the news again. Here’s a website full of stories from teen brides and  talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of having to grow up fast. ~iReport~

Two Jamaican hurdlers have been implicated in a steroids scandal from the Olympics this year.  What disturbs me most about this story is that one of the female hurdlers, Delloreen Ennis-London had two packages sent to a Texas address; human growth hormone and ESTROGEN! Umm, woah. The documents with the packages have London’s same birthdate, but list the athlete as male. Hmmmm. I hope it’s all a big mix up.  ~Sports Illustrated~

Many Louisiana residents may be without power for weeks. That sucks, but at least folks still have homes. ~CNN~

Go sit down somewhere, Joe Lieberman! The Republicans can totally have him. ~MSNBC~

LMAO! All Hip Hop has a series of articles highlighting Motown’s finest emcees called “It’s Cold in the D.”  That’s pure comedy right there. The series actually highlights some very good artists from the D. Check it out. ~All Hip Hop~

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