Good Morning, Sunshine

05 Sep

Rhythmatic, acrobatic
She a dynamite attraction
At the drop of a coin she comes alive, yea
She knows what she’s doing
She’s super bad now
She’s geared to really blow your mind

~Jackson 5, Dancing Machine

I’m totally on Team Obama, so I’m a tad biased, but McCain’s speech was hot garbage. Palin got the speech with all the snark (not too much substance) and genuine applause lines, while McCain was practically telling the audience to clap at certain points. I really really really don’t think being a POW has any bearing whatsoever on  being a good commander-in-chief and I’m sick of hearing about it. If anything it makes me think he probably has some unresolved psychological issues. Just my two cents. ~CNN~

This is the weirdest story I’ve read all day. ~The Daily Telegraph~

NOLA residents, eager to get back to their homes, ignore Mayor Nagins plea to wait a couple days. ~BET~

FUN! Take this quiz and see if you can correctly attribute the quotes to Bush or Palin. Just so you know, I bombed on this quiz…which is bad. ~Salon~

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