Good Morning, Sunshine

29 Sep

I know you’re a light
And there’s a lamp to let inside
It’s not just burning bright
It won’t blow up in your face if you try

~N.E.R.D, Anti Matter~

This bailout thing is out of control, man. I guess it’s time to pay up for all these years of de-regulation and corporate welfare. Interestingly enough though, it’s not the greedy bastards who cheated their way into millions and billions of dollars that are paying this mess back. Who’s paying out? You. Me. People who’s homes have been foreclosed. I understand the the bailout or something else miraculous has to happen so  the economy doesn’t go farther down the crapper, I’m just mad that we’ve been put in this position. Try to clean this mess up, B. ~CNN~

Of course my main homie Obama is a hip hop fan. ~MTV~

By all accounts, Paul Newman was a great guy, a fine actor and extremely generous. He was pretty easy on the eyes too in his day. Did you see him in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Gorgeous. RIP Paul Newman. ~AP~

Here’s one unusual advantage to being overweight. ~Herald Sun~

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