Good Morning, Sunshine

06 Oct

I’m the real thing,in stereo
I got a little highs,I got a little lows
Follow this,melodic flow
I could make it shine,I could make it glow

~Jill Scott, The Real Thing~

Tina Fey hits another home run on SNL. Queen Latifah was good too! ~NBC~

Looks like the Juice will be going to the slammer. ~CNN~

Making a buck off of global warming. ~Salon~

Mel Kuhn, the mayor of a Kansas town who appeared in blackface and drag and called himself Smellishus Pooh at a drag queen beauty pagaent (eventually) said he was sorry,  but he also blames movies like “Norbit” and “Big Momma’s House” for making that kind of stuff okay. Whatever, man.  Oh and when people were first upset, he said it was all about “PC bullsh*t.”  I am glad that except for the black guy on SNL, we haven’t seen the “black man in drag as big black woman” motif to much lately. ~Think Progress~

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