Heavy Rotation: D’Angelo, Voodoo

13 Oct

The Album: The year was 2000 and super laid back, cornrowed crooner D’Angelo smashed that sophomore jinx notion to bits. Coming off of his flawless (and I mean that) 1995 album Brown Sugar, D’Angelo managed to clear the high bar he had set for himself with the sex laden, sensuous beat having, lyrical masterpiece entitled Voodoo. The album is bluesy, old school R & B vocally with timeless lyrics and each song manages to pull you into the energy of that particular track. When I think of the practice of voodoo, certain words come to mind like spirituality, mysticism, sweat, blood, heat, love, passion and soul. What a perfect title for this album because you will find all of those things here. This is an album you can make a baby to, reminisce on an old love to, hope for a new love to or just sit/dance/dream and enjoy some quality music. For whatever reason, this album has been getting major play in my iPod lately like it just came out yesterday, so I just figured I’d share a piece of my current rotation with you all.

Favorite Tracks: “Untitled” is the no-brainer, right? The video was simple, raw and incredibly sexy…just like the song. That’s one of the joints you make a baby to, just so you know. I wouldn’t want to list all of my favorite tracks from the album because it would be practically the whole album, but a couple of the standout songs are “One Mo’ Gin” (that’s for your old love), “Send It On,” and “Africa.” They are all beautiful, achingly passionate songs that inspire thoughts, feelings and actions.

If you like ___you might like Voodoo too: Prince, Donny Hathaway, Van Hunt, Lenny Williams

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