Good Morning, Sunshine

16 Oct

Wherever I go I create the setting
You know me from lessons or your pops collections
Whether whole or half stepping I’m a blessing
Yo I am music

~Common, I Am Music~

My main homie Obama swept the debates! ~CNN~

Oh and some people (including myself) were not feeling the whole Joe the Plumber routine. ~Salon~

Okay, so AIG just got an $86 billion government bailout and then another $37.8 billion after that. During that time (like AFTER that first $86 billion “loan”) AIG spent $440,000 on a spa retreat for top performing agents and another $86,000. When asked to explain these things, AIG big wigs were basically like “Oopsies! Won’t do that again.” Whateva. They are so out of hand! ~Associated Press~

The last TRL will air on November 16. Do you care? I don’t think I do. But it is sad that there won’t be much in the way of music videos on MTV. ~MTV~

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