Good Morning, Sunshine

06 Jan


Little bit of feel good goes a long way
I need your touch to get me through my day
Watching you sleeping I pray
Please don’t make my feel good go away

~Jamie Lidell, Little Bit of Feel Good~

Your favorite authors’ favorite books of 2008. ~Salon~

Blago’s Senate pick probably won’t be sitting anywhere but on his own behind. ~NY Times~

Got $1.425 million laying around? If so, John Legend’s NYC apartment in the East Village can be yours! It’s cute and much more modest than you might imagine. ~NY Mag~

Minnesota STILL hasn’t sorted out that Senate race, but Al Franken is claiming victory. ~CNN~

Exactly how gangster is it to get into a fight in a Louis Vuitton store? Let’s do better in ’09, okay?  ~MTV~

This awful human being killed his two-year-old son to avoid paying child support.  This is just so sad and absolutely ridiculous. ~BET~


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2 responses to “Good Morning, Sunshine

  1. tracey in ohio

    January 6, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    Howdy & welcome back! Congrats, much success & prosperity on your new things jumpin’ off in ’09. You don’t know how lucky you are to be able to work from home.

    Can’t quite say enuff about that sorry-assed “man” that killed his baby in lieu of support. What the hell is up w/that? What is that, Ray Carruth Syndrome? Last summer, we had that same type of tragedy here in Ohio when one of our “city’s finest” police officers hired to protect & serve killed his baby-mamma & baby (she was 9 mos. pregnant @ the time) cause he didn’t want another child support payment. I can’t even go there right now;

    Re: fighting @ Louis Vuitton store – too ghetto. You’re right – let’s do better, people. Side note: I never knew who Jim Jones was or is, but he always looks like he needs a bath & a shave 😀

    Let me run to the bank & check my balance to see if I can “put something on” John Legend’s apartment! 🙂 Loving the dark hardwood floors.

    Blago’s senate mess: embarrassing.

    Author’s picks: gotta take my time & go over those. Thanks for introducing “Good Reads” in a previous posting; I must join!

  2. loveisdope

    January 7, 2009 at 10:29 am

    Hey! Thanks! Oh, I know how lucky I am. LOL I don’t understand the whole killing babies thing. Just ridiculous. You are right on about Jim Jones! He just does not look like you want to be stuck in an elevator with him. LOL Oh and yes, JL’s apartment is cuuuute. Just like the man himself. 😉


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