Good Morning, Sunshine

14 Jan


Fiddlin’ with my feelings like an out of tune piano
Like I’m on Ritalin, the way she got my undivided attention dissmissin’ any thoughts of letting this one get away

~Gym Class Heroes, Sloppy Love Jingle Pt 2~

Wrap it up folks! Wrap it up. Why on earth are STDs on the rise? ~CNN~

If you really really want to have long, lush eyelashes but you don’t want the hassle of falsies or cumbersome eyelash curlers, there’s a drug for you…psycho. ~NY Times~

If yo’ mama had horrible breath, would you tell her? ~Salon~

Interesting. According to this report, one out of every 100 Americans is being stalked. Have you ever had a stalker? I’ve had my fair share of harmless stalkers…actually I have one or two now. ~CBS~

I’ve read and heard countless good reviews about the “Notorious” movie.  Are you going to see it? I am. ~Brooklyn Bodega~

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