Good Morning, Sunshine

16 Mar


Your eyes have a story that they wish to tell
And I have my whole life
And I listen well
Look, I`ll be your confidant
Tell me anything
But please start it off with how you tuck your wings

~Justin Timberlake, Nothin’ Else~

Attorneys who have been laid off from big-time firms are finding jobs in the public sector. That’s good news for all those hard-working, under-staffed nonprofit groups. ~CNN~

According to the experts, a 1 percent HIV/AIDS rate is considered to be a “generalized and severe” epidemic. Washington D.C. current HIV/AIDS rate is 3 percent. Woah! That’s a higher rate than some West African countries. Wrap it up folks! Wrap it up! ~Washington Post~

Mayor KK’s main girl got released from the clink today. ~Freep~

Foodbanks can’t handle all the newly hungry. ~Salon~

Massachusetts is way ahead of other states in terms of providing almost universal healtcare coverage for its residents. It’s been chugging along for three years and now the spending is getting out of control. Hopefully Gov. Patrick can figure out how to fix it and keep it going. Give the rest of us a good model! ~New York Times~


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