Good Morning, Sunshine

18 Mar


He thought, and said, “I’m tryin’ to get my life together”
Went home to his lady, these were his confessions
“Baby you a blessin’ and my best friend”

~Common, Faithful~

AIG will undoubted get a verbal thrashing on Capitol Hill today about those bonuses. ~CNN~

Internet addiction (especially of the mobile variety) has become a big issue in jury trials. Recently, a federal judge discovered that nine of 12 jurors in his courtroom had been doing “internet research” on their phones.  It’s like a reflex to Google everything these days, so I can see how it would be difficult for a juror to resist the urge to look something up or clarify something. Still wrong though. ~New York Times~

New York Magazine’s love affair with First Lady Michelle Obama. ~NY Mag~

Remember back when the only endorsements rappers could get were for 40 ounces? Here are a few hilarious/sad videos to jog your memory. ~All Hip Hop~

This book sounds really interesting. It’s a work of fiction called “The Book of the Unknown” and it’s a collection of tales/fables that utilizes Jewish saints.  It’s nothing stuffy though (according to this review). The reviewer describes it as “The Princess Bride” without the gloss. ~Salon~


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