Good Morning, Sunshine

23 Mar


Looking in your eyes
Kind of heaven eyes
Closing both my eyes
Waiting for surprise
To see the heaven in your eyes is not so far

~Stevie Wonder, Golden Lady~

The Obama administration just unveiled a new plan to save these banks. It’s so hard to read this kind of stuff, but we (the American people) really should understand how all of this works. ~CNN~

Looks like that gigantic drug war going on in Mexico is starting to spill over into the U.S. ~New York Times~

Is there a seriel killer in DC who targeting black women? ~BET~

Heeeeeey! Here’s a school in Detroit that is doing a good job with all those “hard to teach” students. It’s nice to hear some good news from my hometown. ~Freep~

Authorities at an Auschwitz death camp that is now a museum, are having a hard time maintining the site. ~AFP~


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