Good Morning, Sunshine

08 Apr


‘Cause a rose is still a rose
Baby, girl, you’re still a flower
~Aretha Franklin, A Rose Is Still A Rose~

Uh oh. Looks like those Somali pirates have hijacked a ship carrying Americans. What cha gonna do Prez? ~CNN~

Good news gay rights activists! In some states, consenting adults can actually get married! ~New York Times~

T.I. is doing everything he possibly can to make some dough before he heads to the pen. He is re-releasing “Paper Trail” with five new tracks. ~MTV~

Wow, this is like some movie type ish right here. Secret tapes show that the Army has been urging medical professional NOT to diagnos our men and women in uniform with post-traumatic stress disorder. Veterans have been screwed every possible way imaginable.  ~Salon~

Wife, girl, woman, girlfriend, wifey, sweetie baby honey pie….do you NEED a title to be happy in a relationship? ~Get ‘Em Girls~

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