Good Morning, Sunshine

09 Apr


My Umi said shine your light on the world
Shine your light for the world to see
~Mos Def, Umi Says~

Out-of-wedlock births have hit a record high in the U.S.  Almost 40 percent of babies born in 2007 were born to ring-less parents. That’s a 25 percent jump from just five years earlier. That’s pretty drastic. What’s the cause? ~CNN~

Because of mounting debt and dwindling enrollment, the Detroit Public Schools system will be closing 23 schools. ~Freep~

A white supremicist who murdered a black woman  in 2005 actually laughed out loud during his sentencing hearing. He was sentenced to life without parole. It’s insane that people like him exist. ~BET~

Good news clown wannabes! Apparently, being a clown is a pretty good gig in these tough times. Get out your red nose and terrify children! ~Yahoo~


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