The Artist’s Way: Week Seven

22 Jul


Week Seven was all about recovering a sense of connection. In the reading, Julia Cameron talked about re-connecting to positive childhood memories. Interestingly enough, I happened to go back home to Detroit during Week Seven. I went to a wedding and was literally surrounded by people who were integral parts of many of my childhood adventures. It’s funny that Week Seven’s readings were about connection and my long-scheduled trip back to my hometown happened to fall during that same week. Synchronicity perhaps? My artist date was an art crawl in Harlem. My former editor e-mailed me and asked me if I could cover it on short notice, so I did. I got to see art galleries I probably never would have known about otherwise and I was exposed to some amazing art. One artist that stood out to me in particular was Geraldine McCullough (1917-2008). She was a very talented and accomplished painter and sculptor.  What I liked about the pieces I saw from her was that she incorporated everything from science to poetry to African history into her work. She was a very well-rounded person and her art reflected the depth of her intellect.  Truly an inspiration.


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