The Artist’s Way: Week Eight

29 Jul


As usual, I did all of my Morning Pages. 🙂 The hardest morning was after the wedding I went to in Detroit. I had to get up to have brunch with my aunt, so getting up 20-30 minutes even earlier was no easy task, but I did it! The reading for Week Eight had some great affirmations. They really do help. I especially liked the one that said “I now act affirmatively.” It’s very simple, but easy to forget. How often do we get bogged down in what-ifs and fear? It’s important to keep moving forward. My artist date was kind of disappointing. I went to this artsy store that sells quilts and handmade jewelry and photographs and stuff. I had been meaning to go by the store, but their hours were weird, so I never stopped by before last week. Well, last week happened to be the last day for the store. The rent got too high, so they were being forced to move and everything was on sale. Perfect, right? Eh. When I went in there, the service was non-existent (the “sales person” was sitting at a computer watching Jerry Springer) and even with the sale going on, I still had the feeling of being robbed. Hopefully, this week’s artist date will be better.

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