The Artist’s Way: Week Nine

08 Aug


I almost completely forgot to tell you about Week Nine! I’m already on Week Ten and I haven’t told you about Week Nine yet! Of couse I did all my Morning Pages.  At this point, doing Morning Pages really is like brushing my teeth. Not doing them doesn’t even enter my mind. There were some really useful tasks for Week Nine. I really liked the one where I was asked to list my goals for the year, month and week. It’s good to see long and short range goals right there on the same page. Makes the long term goals seem more attainable when you have to sit down and think about what you can do this week to get to your goal next year. My artist date was much much better than the last one! I went to a photo exhibit called Sexy and the City at this art gallery in Chelsea.  Basically it was a collection of photographs of New Yorkers from about the 1940’s to the present day doing “sexy” things. Things like kissing in Times Square, having sex on a pier, groping, a guy with really really really tight pants on that showed EVERYTHING he was working with…things like that. There were more sublte pictures too like a caress or a captured glance or the gait of a particular runway model. It was a very good and artistic exhibit. Many of the photos were in black and white, but some were in color. I can’t believe I’m almost done with this book! I’ll be telling you about Week Ten in a few days.

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